Cement patterned tiles have been used in the Mediterranean region since the early 1900’s and throughout the years, these tiles have been used to adorn palaces, houses, mansions and commercial outlets.

With their Versatile range, Halmann Vella have revived century old traditions which otherwise would have been lost and forgotten. Today, Halmann Vella’s expert artisans skillfully handcraft these little charms one by one, giving them individuality and prestige. These tiles are available in antique, classic and contemporary styles and are produced in a vast selection of colors. Versatile tiles are synonymous with contemporary and bygone eras, beauty and practicality, and more importantly for being truly… Versatile.


These cement tiles are individually hand made, one tile at a time, making each piece unique and different. The tiles are made of several layers of fine mortar comprising of a mixture of sand, marble powder and cement. The decorative layer is made of colored metal oxides. The first mixture is poured into a mould with vertical partitions, dividing the surface into separate compartments corresponding to the pattern and colour required. After all the colours have been poured in, the dividers are carefully removed.

The tile is then dusted with various layers of different grey cement and sifted sand, allowing ample time for the hardening of the decorative layer. The whole form is then put in the pressing tool which forces excess moisture out of the decorative layer and into the base layer. After being removed from the mould and left to dry, the artisan starts preparations for the next
tile to be manufactured.

Product Range

Cement tiles are available in either plain, single colour or multi-colour, as well as in an extensive range of geometric and organic patterns. Our collection comprises of hundreds of patterns and designs, which could all be customised according to the clients unique taste and needs. The tiles may vary in size for instance, a traditional square tile would be either 20cm or 30cm, but there are also rectangular border tiles, hexagonal and octagonal ones.

Check out our online simulator to combine patterns and colors, and design your own unique flooring.....let the artist in you come alive!

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